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5 Vital Values

Artisan Fund

The Artisan Fund maintains a reliable source of supplies and products essential in the creation of Huichol art forms.

Environmental Protection Fund

The Environmental Protection Fund acts as an important financial reserve to help protect the Huichol territory.

Huichol Archives

The Archive documents and preservers the Huichol cultue through archival storage and digitalization techniques. The contents are used for global educational objectives.

Seed Integrity Fund

The Seed Integrity fund helps to protect native heirloom crops from genetically modified gene intrusion and supports traditional agricultural methods.

Native Language Initiative

The Huichol Foundation documents the indigenous language and supports the linguistic education non-fluent tribal members

Dental Clinics

Mobile Dental Clinics deliver needed care to remote regions of the Sierra Madre Mountain range

Cultural School

The Huichol Cultural School strives to maintain and pass on the ancient Huichol cultures for future generations.

Artisan Apprenticeship Program

The Artisan Apprenticeship Program provides direct economic support to individuals and familial groups of artists in training.